Did You Know?


Compulsory and voluntary excess

“Did you know that most private car and commercial vehicle policies already have a compulsory policy excess. Any voluntary excess you have agreed to pay will be in addition to the compulsory policy excess already on the policy!”

Driving other cars extension

“Did you know that if you have private car insurance and are allowed under your insurance policy to drive any private motor car not belonging to you, owed to you or hired to you under a hire purchase agreement then this only allows you to drive other private cars only. It does not allow you to drive commercial vehicles or motorbikes. It is only to be used in an emergency and does not provide cover for you to drive other vehicles on a regular basis. The vehicle you are driving must already be insured separately on it’s own policy and you will only be covered Third Party Only whilst actually driving it.

Adding a vehicle to your policy

“Did you know that a vehicle cannot be insured twice. If you want to add a vehicle onto your insurance policy temporarily, then you may only do so provided the vehicle is not already insured. If it is already insured then the only option available to you is to get the policyholder of the insured vehicle to add you onto their policy temporarily.”

Leaving the keys in your car – the consequence

“Did you know that if you leave your keys in a private car or commercial vehicle and then leave your vehicle unattended and it is then stolen, it is unlikely that your insurance company will pay for the loss of your vehicle. Always remove your keys and lock your car when your vehicle is left unattended even if you are just filling up with petrol or dropping something off quickly to a friends house.”

Motor Trade Insurance Policies…..



What They Are Used For

A motor trade insurance policy covers the policy holder and persons named on the insurance policy to drive any vehicle* in connection with the insureds occupation as a motor trader only – for example to test drive prior to purchase, collect from an auction, take for an M.O.T, deliver back to a customer. *(Subject to the terms of the insurance policy. Some policies do not cover you to drive sports cars, vehicles over 3.5t, imports – phone us for further clarification).

Naming Vehicles Onto The Policy

Privately owned vehicles can be added onto the motor trade policy, but only vehicles owned and registered in the name of the policyholder. These vehicles can sometimes also be covered to use for pleasure by persons named on the insurance policy. Similarly if you have a vehicle in your possession for more than 14 days then you must notify us in order for it to be put onto the Motor Insurer Database. If you do not then the vehicle will flag up on the database as ‘uninsured’ and the police may stop you on the road if they see you. Check and see if your own vehicle comes up as insured on the database at http://ownvehicle.askmid.com/

Demonstration Use

Some policies allow ‘demonstration use’ which is valuable to a motor trader who sells cars. This use allows a person wishing to buy a car from the motor trader to test drive the vehicle for sale provided the policy holder or persons named on the policy are sitting next to the test driver. Cover is usually restricted to Third Party Only whilst your vehicle is being driven, but can be upgraded to comprehensive.

M.I.D Database

Any vehicle that is to be driven on a public road MUST be on the M.I.D.

No Claims Bonus

No claims bonus usually expires after 2 years. If you’ve insured a vehicle in your name and earned no claims bonus, but then don’t insure a vehicle in your own name for 2 years or more then the no claims bonus will disappear and you will have to start from nil no claims bonus when you come to re-insure a vehicle in your name.